Welcome, I’m Allie.

I am a 30-something year old mom of two, currently in a relationship for 3 years with my partner. We spent the better portion of 2022 getting out of debt, finding out that there are issues that need to be worked on in our relationship and in the case of myself, hurting.

In 2023 we both started going to therapy, we started investing and saving a large portion of our money (we also spent some, like on our robot vacuum/mop – because well, time is money.) I’m currently on a mission to heal myself of past trauma as well as making good financial decisions to set us up for success in the future.

One of our goals is to move to Panama once the youngest moves out of the nest, which isn’t for about another 7 years or so. Some of our other shorter term goals are to make enough money in passive income to retire early, whether that’s from dividends or projects. Start travelling more, ideally once every two years.

Mental Health is so very important, and it’s becoming a scarier world every year that passes. Remember to be kind, and give yourself grace if you’re struggling.

I Love Cooking, Relaxing & Nature…

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